"Candee is one of a few on Flickr whose work always astounds me. I'm sure that the diversity of her professional and vocational interests and activities contributes substantially to her versatility as a photographer. Versatility is one of her biggest strengths. Candee moves across photographic genres seamlessly - from weddings, to fashion, to nature, to performing arts, and beyond. Whatever genre she chooses, Candee demonstrates a golden touch that I envy greatly. I am certain that her "day job" has infused a sensitivity to, and understanding of, her photographic subjects. It is clear that she understands the emotions of her human subjects, allowing her to capture and translate them into beautiful pictures, seemingly effortlessly."


Candee Photography is not a business venture; this website is simply a showcase for people who may be thinking about collaborating with me - thank you 


I also support a Midlands life drawing event called Dr Sketchy's Anti-art School Birmingham details of which can be found here: